What Do Experts Say About Your Favorite Switchblade Knife? Comparison of Different Knives

If the title of this blog piqued your interest, chances are you are a knife-lover. From the first automatic switchblade made by the European smiths to the current date, the modern switchblade knife has come a long way.

As a company that has been in the business of dealing with premier switchblade brands for a long time, we will be discussing some of the most-asked and popular knife variants in this blog. If you are willing to add to your switchblade collection, keep reading this blog for some inspiring designs.


If we are discussing switchblades, Boker and Schrade had to make the list. Also known as the “tree brand,” Boker is a renowned German brand known for its impeccable precision, leading-edge design, and premier quality materials. Known for over 100 years of expertise in making the best quality knives, Schrade is another brand renowned for its finesse.


  • Imperial quality at reasonable prices
  • Variety of colors in different blade types
  • Modern conversions of the authentic design
  • Professionally converted to automatic switchblades


If you have known switchblades for a while, chances are you have come across the name “Latama.” Argued to extend as far back as before WW-II, the artisanal finish and finish of the Latama was superior to its era, whose prowess has crossed generations. Another unique characteristic of this Italian artisanal make is the impressive square button launched in limited models. Although the feature didn’t appeal much to the retailers, the precision of the make and the impeccable craftsmanship overpowered this shortcoming.


  • Custom-built
  • Handcrafted
  • Modernized automatics
  • Made in Italy

PIRANHA OTF Out the Front Switchblades

The brand, Piranha is known for its high-tech front automatic knives. The Excalibur by Piranha is the most popular OTF series from the brand. Flaunting an outstanding quality in design and good performance, this switchblade knife offers an excellent price-to-function value and is 100 percent USA feature.


  • Straight firing from the top of the knives
  • Comes in two basic styles- single action and double action
  • Double action operation: A single button controls the opening and closing of the knife
  • Single action operation: the button opens the knife, but the charging handle is used to close and reset the knife


Buck is known for producing high-quality, affordable knives. Regardless of how much time has passed, a switchblade knife by Buck is made to last while looking good. You can regard them as the “most reliable knife on the Planet.” If you aren’t much into embellishments and fancy features and are looking for something simplistic, Buck will satisfy your search. With the right mix of folding and fixed blade knives designed for different occasions, the versatility of Buck’s inventory can fit either of your knife purchase purposes.


  • Highest durability and lasting power
  • One of the toughest knives designed
  • Comes with a buck box, and leather sheaths
  • Regular 110s and 112s have been fully automized
  • Sharpening is a challenge


Swinguard is yet another popular switchblade knife. It refers to a stiletto-style side opener switchblade that contains dual finger guards or floating guards. These guards are protective gear and get deployed when the switchblade is fired. They protect the fingers from sliding forward and coming in contact with the sharp blade.

Although we don’t advise it for carrying, this is it if you want to add a regal touch to your switchblade collection. Typically featuring a polished Bayonet-style stainless steel blade, a nickel silver firing button, and gorgeous nickel silver bolsters, the swinguards can be quite an investment. If your pockets don’t agree, the clones work just as well.


  • Best of the Italian suave
  • Giant and sturdy
  • High aesthetic appeal
  • Not ideal for carrying
  • Very expensive

Did you like our list? Or did we miss out on some of your favorites? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to browse our inventory.

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