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This is an extremely rare,one of a kind,”vintage” BURN 13″ FULCRUM RELEASE SQUARE
BUTTON LATAMA H.P. PROTOTYPE and the only one of its’ kind ever
produced and will never be made again..
Made for a private collection years ago,this one time,one of a kind investment grade prototype,shows off all the reasons why Paul “BURN” Panak,remains the worlds’ most prolific artist and maker of modern day Italian style knives.
Completed and commissioned ,many years ago,this one time behemoth boasts all the reasons why BURN knives are amongst the most sought after custom knives in the world,with a backlog measuring in years.
Beautiful and rare Spanish Bull horn was picked and polished for this project and all 440 c Stainless steel was used  to spec,including the mirror polished liners.
The Fulcrum release is pushed down to open the giant spearpoint blade and releases with arm-shaking power.
This is the only one of its kind,boasting its’ engraved “PROTO” stamp found in only a handful of knives ever produced by this world class artist.
There were 4 prototypes produced for this private collector,in the 4 different blade grinds once offered,
then engraved each as a “PROTO” and this is the last
of the 4,which took almost 5 years from design concept,to collection and another 
has never and will never be made again.
Made in the USA,by one of the last and only creators of vintage reproduction Italian knives of this caliber and with an original Latama costing up to $100,000.00 today,this proto Latama in comparison,is surely just a drop in the proverbial bucket,compared to those and compared to the $5000 per knife,the last set of “regular” Latamas’ cost,that were made by BURN custom knives,this again,is far below market value…