Frank Beltrame Stag Horn Slimline Stiletto Switchblade

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Stag Horn Leverlock Stiletto Switchblade

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Here we have a long awaited & personal favorite of ours….The Slimline Leverlock .

Originally produced by G.O.M. aka Massaro Slimline`s .

We`ve carried the G.O.M. as well’s the AKC versions…& these are superior.

This is a Frank Beltrame …One Time Only Production Run ! Limited to 180 pieces.. Only !

I must say … These are the Highest Quality Slimlines we have Ever seen & you will agree !

These are NOT NOS (New Old Stock)  they are.. Brand New & have Frank Beltrame Laser Etched across the blade.

Guaranteed to become an Instant… & MUST HAVE.. Frank B …Rare Collectible. So Do Not Miss Out !! 

Called 8 inchers… actually they are 7.75 Inches OAL with a 3.25” Blade. When they Gone…they`re Gone Forever.

Perfect for pocket carry…& No chance of a accidental opening.