Frank Beltrame 2.0 11″ Ebonywood Bayonet Switchblade


Frank Beltrame 2.0 11″  Ebonywood Bayonet Switchblades. This Ebonywood Is so dark…It almost compares to Black buffalo horn. These are Very Sweet & very hard to find….in fact we only have a few  !!

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So last year Frank Beltrame decided to test 4 mm stainless Aisi 420 MA5M in our 9″ and 11”& the tests were excellent….also the blade and springs are all nowclaser cut, not stamped like in the 3.5  mm.

Eventually 13” & Swinguards will be upgraded too.  They are calling these “ Classic 2.0 “ …& the 2021 prices reflect their increased costs for the upgrades. Well worth it in our opinion