9'' Frank B Picklock Switchblades

Description From Frank Beltrame:
The Picklock model faithfully reproduces the old 50s stiletto on an aesthetic level, made famous by James Dean in the film Rebel Without A Cause.
The bolsters in the picklock model are made of nickel silver and the upper front is solder on front liner (the liner is made of tin). It is an article of great value and quality, personally assembled piece by piece by Frank Beltrame. In this model, the release of the blade is on the back of the spring over the ears of the bolsters and not activated by swiveling the bolster as in the Classic or Switch models.
The spring and the blade are laser cut and not sheared to ensure perfection in the operation of the knife, no tolerance is permitted in this reproduction, always created in limited edition and never more than 200 pieces a year. The blade is engraved with the serial number and the year of production. The bolsters can be round or flat, as in the original model, and the red dot is placed in the slot of the safety as in the past, just like it was done in arms in years gone by; visible when the weapon is functional, not visible when the weapon is in a safe position.
The handles are made of precious materials of top choice.

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