Custom Switchblades

  • This is the Custom Switchblade knife category
  • These are made by hand, also known as knife art.
  • These are not the run of the mill production knives that are being manufactured everywhere.
  • These are usually one of a kind or made from unusual or rare materials. Such as: black lip pearl, mother of pearl, damascus blades, and highly polished blades, etc.
  • Some of the makers that we currently have available are: Jim and Joyce Minnick,  Reese Weiland, Paul Panak (BURN), Jeff Harkins, and Darrell Ralph. Just to name a few.
  • These are normally found in high-end collections and can be viewed as investments.
  • Many of these makers have stopped making automatic switchblades entirely, as well as any other knives. Even if they were still making knives.. the wait times could be up to a year or more.
  • Many come with certificates of authenticity or provenances, which describe all the specifics and itemized nomenclature.

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