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Anthony Marfione (Microtech) 2011 S.S.H.P. D/E Ultratech D/A



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Anthony Marfione (Microtech) 2011 S.S.H.P. D/E Ultratech D/A

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Anthony Marfione (Microtech) 2011 S.S.H.P. D/E Ultratech D/A
A mint condition,double action blast from the past and one of the worlds rarest,most sought after
and highly collectible handmade knives,this beautiful,mint condition example,comes complete with everything
and is a true collector's set.
Not one of the newer,fully machined and production style knives,but rather an extremely limited,custom
hand ground example,designated by it's engraved dagger logo,this 2011 S.S.Ultratech was one of the very last
true hand ground examples,to ever be produced and finished by Mr Marfione himself.
A full custom hand crafted,satin finished,stainless steel chassis,finished with blued titanium screws and
a hand crafted,hand ground,mirror polished,double edged and ported stainless steel blade.
The button is ribbed for easy function,with or without gloves and weather firing or retracting the blade and set comes complete with original
lined and zippered Maxpidition case and original Microtech storage box!
Only a small amount of these custom hand made S.S. Ultratechs were ever produced
,we were told this one was the last, and this rare example would make a great centerpiece
for any true high end collection..

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