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Frank Beltrame 9" White Pearlex Bayonet Switchblade


The AK47 switchblade is an automatic knife with a stainless steel, 3.7'', drop-point blade and wood handles. Comes in a ballistic and nylon camo sheath. These are Wildly popular .. & a Rock Solid Hefty Piece. Alot Of knife for Not alot of money. The knife itself weighs in at roughly 6 ounces and the overall length is 8.75''. Tang stamp says AK 47 CCCP...




Buck 110 Automatic Conversions.. While they last !


Gerber Covert Auto Switchblade Partial Serrated Knife


Gerber Mini Covert Auto Switchblade Partial Serrated Knife


Rosethorn Serrated EDC Switchblade Knife.


The Tomahawk Tactical EDC Switchblade

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