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White Titan 2 OTF 8 5/8 " Double Edge Double Action Half Serrated


Gerber Mini Coyote Brown Covert Automatic Switchblade


Gerber Mini Tactical Grey Covert Automatic Switchblade


White Titan 2 OTF 8 & 5/8 " Double Edge Double Action Plain-Edge


Buck 110 Automatic Conversions.. While they last !


Frank Beltrame Tactical Camouflage Switch Series 9" Bayonet ** Please Note these Switch Series have Teflon coated blades that will leave a scratch by the pinhole  & the Tactical Switches have a thin rubber coating that Will scratch when the safety is deployed.If thats an Issue...Do Not buy these…buy the Classics Thank You **


Hubie 8.25" Stag Swinguard Clone with Nickel Silver Bolsters Amazing Quality !!! The real one`s go for 400 -500 Hundred dollars.


Gerber Covert Auto Switchblade Partial Serrated Knife


8" Lightning OTF with Black Handle D/E Serr Blade

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