These Are Real Handmade Italian Picklock Switchblades ......
made with the same attention to quality as the old school picklocks of yesteryear.
They are different from the newer bolster release switchblades "pick" the release tab from the locking tab
These are very collectable switchblades.

Italian Picklock Switchblades 

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SWEET AGA Campolin Picklock Stiletto with Bayonet Blade THESE ARE ONLY MADE ONCE A YEAR & ....SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED ! Very Sweet REAL Horn....Don`t miss out. These come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity and black cylinder case lined with carbon paper and an official AGA CAMPOLIN stamp.


A Real Italian Beauty By An Old Master.....straight Out Of Maniago Italy . Here is a Very Limited Edition 10" Frosolone The work is just Outstanding !


AGA Campolin Frosolone Snakewood 11" Picklock Switchblade

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