American Switchblade Knives
such as Colonial,Buck Conversions,Gerber,Darrel Ralph,
Microtech,as well as many others.

American Switchblades 

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Buck 110 Automatic Conversions.. While they last !


The Empower is an automatic knife that caters to the everyday carry consumer. A dependable knife wielding quick deployment and a safety-focused design. Overall length: 8.4" Blade length: 3.25" Weight: 4.6 oz S30V steel w/ black oxide coated blade Armored Grip™ handle plates Type III hard anodized


Custom Buck with Blood Red Jasper with Gold colored veins. Filework & Mosaic Button.


Gerber Covert Auto Switchblade Partial Serrated Knife


Gerber Mini Covert Auto Switchblade Partial Serrated Knife

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