We have a wide selection of real Italian & German Swinguard Switchblades as well as many other collectable Swinguards from across the world. We offer high quality switchblades at the best prices from My Switchblade.

Italian Swinguard Switchblades 

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Frank Beltrame 11" Buffalo Horn Bayonet Swinguard These REAL wrist shakers and they lock up tight as a drum! You WILL be impressed, we were!


Frank Beltrame 11" Imit. Ivory Bayonet Swinguard


Frank Beltrame 11" Buffalo Horn Dagger Swinguard with Round button...not flat button as shown These are REAL wrist shakers! Lock up tight as a drum!


Frank Beltrame 11" 24K Gold Plated Buffalo Horn Bayonet Swinguard Switchblade Very SWEET !!! VERY RARE !!! VERY HARD TO FIND !!!Hand made by the Master...Frank Beltrame, of Maniago, Italy.

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